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Working on homepage

Today we worked a bit on the homepage.
Since general infrastructures like the domain (in future: movinganthropology.org and maybe we may also add movinganthropology.net, if it'll be not too expensive and available again) and especially the server are still under constructions. Since we are quite busy in June (examination time at uni;) we would like to continue to fix these tasks in July 2013.

Also the homepage design will be discussed (since it looks like a 1990 page and we need something fresh;) in July - James has the skills - yuhuu!!
There is also the proposal to put some inviting conference pictures on the 'home' site, can be done with the evaluation of the homepage-design.

Further points:
Activity overview tool with which we can see what kind of topics or material has been put on the homepage recently.

Ameliorate the chat function

Fix the calendar so that the left column menu works properly (->D,W,M).

We would be happy if you can inform us here, if you have remarked further obstacles so that we can fix it.
And feel free to join the discussion and working group about the virtual masn .
robin and maia
> Infopage on How To Use the Features/Homepage
salute robin,
i wanted to put some info on the Coordination Meeting page but can't write anything there.
could you give me and to the further admins maybe too the rights to do so?
thanks and best wishes!

> 'MASN Core' (it was the central discussion forum on the last hp) is currently under the category 'Working Groups' instead of being under 'General' . Since there is already a 'general' forum i would delete 'masn core' and rename 'general' to 'general MASN' or something like this.

the forums get spammed - please let's approve registrations by admins to avoid these obstacles as long as the site isn't ready.

→ kontakt Verein Masn_Austria zwecks Kontodaten

→ webserver ; domain: movingantropology.org/net → Ben/Yannik

→ Beschreibung d. Projekts:
Finanz-Konzept zwecks jährliche Mittel
tiki-wiki zur Kommunikation u Interaktion zw. AnthropologInnen /Nicht-AnthropologInnen; Datenaustausch; gemeinsame Kooperation bei Projekten/Tagungen; Möglichkeiten sich über hp ein gennerelles IT_wissen in bezug auf die Seite anzueignen (~Tutorial-seite) ; regelmäßige Backups (vllt automatisch); ~regelmäßige online-Konferenzen (via Chat/ Ankündigungen) zur weiteren Entwicklung der seite;
Registrierung: Verwaltung aufteilen – mehr sicherheitsfragen/capcha/email-authentification- bot-problematik lösen
Schema (Menüs-unterteilungen usw) beibehalten; schlichteres Design; unnötige module v. Server löschen
Datenbanken v.Testserver speichern, auf neuen Server laden

→ Leute v. Netzerk informieren/mit einbeziehen

→ Seite wird mit neuem server neu aufgesetzt – Datenbanken bleiben erhalten; dh benutzerkonten bleiben bestehen.


a question to the admins: is it possible to see a member list of a group / or the people who participate in a forum?

cheers, maia


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