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Moving Anthropology Student Network!

The Moving Anthropology Student Network (“MASN”) is an open network & meeting-ground intended to promote communication, networking and interaction among all people interested in topics related to anthropology. The term “Student” refers to anyone who has an active interest in the subject field of anthropology. Post-graduate, ongoing studies and general non-academic life interest are all welcome contributions to the network. Since the creation of MASN in 2005, it has become the largest transnational anthropological network of its kind. In addition to ongoing transnational conferences organized by MASN groups, this homepage offers a variety of different tools to communicate and network. Students and scholars from more than 80 different countries have already become members of the MASN community! Everyone is invited to become a part of the network, meet other members, participate and practice his or her skills in conferences, and share knowledge with others. You can contribute by organizing your own MASN-meetings and workshops, or by filling this website with your information, questions, and answers. You can also subscribe to our mailing list to be informed about our activities and discuss urgent issues via email. You can also find MASN on Facebook.” (Mission Statement Draft, Coordination Meeting Austria, 2009)

For a closer overview about the MASN’S structure, aims and goals read this summary or, additionally, the Wikipedia-articles in Deutsch (German), English, Español (Spanish), Français (French), Polski (Polish), Română (Romanian), Suomi (Finnish) and Slovenščina (Slovenian).

Update: The 6th MASN Coordination Meeting in collaboration with the ASS Extended had taken place in Ljubljana, March 2013 and with it workshops for the new homepage, the planning of the next MASN conference and on further project ideas had been carried out. Here's the Coordination Meeting's video - have fun watching it & keep it movin'!

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